About the film

The SPHINX Project is a film that was first developed in 2004 by director/writer Christian Pichler in Los Angeles, California. Under the working title 'The Legacy', the screenplay was option in 2005 by independent investors and later on optioned 2006 by a film studio in Los Angeles. Due to the nature of this film, combining evolution, religion and extraterrestrial conspiracies, the film was put on hold for an indefinite time until executives felt the time was right to make this film.

The 2008 Development

It was in 2008 when Christian Pichler relocated to London, UK for a brief time to develop 'The Legacy' with other writers in the UK. The film changed its name to 'Sphinx' and extraterrestrial conspiracies served predominantly as the background of the film. The actual film settings were set in the UK, France and northern parts of Africa. At the same time Christian Pichler started to reach out and utilize the EIS (Enterprise Investment Scheme) in the UK in order to secure financing for this motion picture.  
But as it turned out 2008 was a frantic year for any investors due to the economical turmoil. So once again, the project has been put on hold for the time being.

The Anunnaki Experience

During personal travels throughout the world, Christian has met several alien conspirators, historians, archeologists and scientists and his focus was tremendously turned towards the Anunnaki Empire and the factual history of the old Mesopotamia and the ancient Egypt. For years Christian studied with several knowledgeable people in order to create the gapless knowledge needed about Mesopotamia (Babylon, Sumer, etc.) and Egypt,
all their beliefs, artifacts and life. Once he acquired all the basic knowledge about this ancient history about the roots of mankind and modern society, he studied the Tablets Of Destiny and the highly acclaimed Emerald Tablets in connection with the Anunnaki Empire.


Work In Progress

It was 2013 when Christian outlined the current story of 'Sphinx' and slowly started to work on its development as the sole writer of the project. It felt nearly that various powers had prevented this film from being made in the past in order to reach the point that's been reached now - the ultimate connection between man and extraterrestrial life, the advanced evolution and the key of existence, the key to time, the key to the entire creation and its purpose as far as mankind could possible comprehend it.

SPHINX: Genesis

It was 2014 when Christian Pichler developed a prequel to his revealing science-fiction masterpiece 'Sphinx', a short story and introduction to the anunnaki connection on earth titled "SPHINX: Genesis". The purpose of this film is to simply raise awareness and to switch mankind's beliefs from natural evolution to factual evolution and the connection to extraterrestrial advancements in the past, with traces found all over the globe.
"SPHINX: Genesis" was produced in 2014 on location in Ventura, California and directed by Christian Pichler starring various new and seasoned talent.

Investors / Film Studios

Aside from being an introduction, this film will also serve as a trailer/teaser for investors and film studios to be involved in its motion picture production which is still slated to be filmed on location in the United Kingdom, France and Northern Africa.
The feature-length motion picture "Sphinx" is currently not optioned or in development for a particular investment entity or studio. The goal remains to utilize the EIS (Enterprise Investment Scheme) in the United Kingdom in order to secure funding with this tax-incentive program.

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