Cast & Crew

Christian Pichler

Director - Producer - Writer

Christian Pichler is the creator of SPHINX: Genesis. With a long work-related history in Hollywood he utilized his experience and connections in order to tell the extraordinary story of the 'Sphinx', the keeper of the ultimate secrets of the creation of life and all matter. Christian Pichler directed "SPHINX: Genesis" in 2014 on location in Ventura, California (with a release in 2016) and is currently working on the development of the feature-length motion picture "SPHINX".

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Robert Wilhelm

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Federal Agent John Willis

John Willis is a henchman for illuminati leaders. With work-related histories in the US Army Special Forces, the CIA and the Secret Service, John Willis became a federal agent for the State Department with Level A clearance. His tasks are high profile and classified, John Willis is a ghost, untraceable.


Timmy Glasgow

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Joshua Warrencroft

Joshua Warrencroft has been under surveillance by the federal government ever since he was 5 years old and drew attention to the NSA and State Department when he kept showing up on surveillance footage of the CIA in various spots on earth. He is considered to be a member of the anunnaki empire.


Jack Davis

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Mr. X - Government Official

Mr X., also known as Lawrence Shifts, has been a member of the State Department since the early 70s. He is considered to be a leader of an unofficial group called the illuminati and appears to have knowledge of the anunnaki empire, area 51 and has an unofficial governing position over the US president's office.


John Zacchino

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Federal Agent Tim Sheldon

With a great track record as federal agent for the FBI, Tim Sheldon got recruited by the State Department as an occasional partner of John Willis. His classification is rather standard and despite his military service for the United States and briefings of extraterrestrial life, Tim does not believe or follow alien conspiracies.


Lindsay MacFarland

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Susan Warrencroft

Susan Warrencroft grew up in an upscale household in the midwest and made a name for herself as a prosecutor of the Los Angeles District Attorney. Despite her law profession she is a very emotional family person and has been a great mother to Joshua ever since his adoption 10 years ago.


Danny Hansen

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George Warrencroft

George Warrencroft comes from a lineage of scientists and made a career for himself as a nuclear physicist. Being from the midwest, he met Susan during his college years and always felt very drawn to her, almost as if she was a special treasure with an extraordinary meaning and he must protect her.


Kristian Jenkins

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Sean Warner

Sean studied archeology in the United Kingdom with a minor in history. During his teen years he has been arrested for cybercrimes such as hacking and has been identified as a member of conspirators about governments and their secret agendas with extraterrestrial lives.


Steven Bray

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Dr. Harry Taylor

Harry followed in the footsteps of his father and became a top psychiatrist. Ever since he met George Warrencroft while sharing a mutual passion for golf, they had been very close family friends.


Marco Tazioli

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Bailey Chess

Bailey was born to an officer in the US Army and grew up in various places in the world. Ever since the unexplained disappearance of his father in Egypt, he spent his life finding the truth about the government's knowledge of extraterrestrial life. Bailey belongs to the same conspirators as Sean Warner.


Joey Gaytan

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The Figure

The Figure represents man's fears or maybe karma. It is the shadow over our right hand when we do bad, or the distant observer when we do good. We only see the figure when we go through dimensions or limbo. The figure is the gate keeper between the worlds.



Illuminati #1

Siggy Rivalta

Illuminati #2

Juan Carlos Escalante

Illuminati #3

Roy Pieske

Illuminati #4

Walter Hochbrueckner


Randolf Wollgiehn



Executive Producer

Christian Pichler


Gaelle Harvey

Film Editor

Paul Summers


Paul Summers

VFX Supervisor

Trenton Miller

VFX Artist

Paul Stamper

VFX Artist

Leonard Menchiari


Taras Tkachenko


Marie Parie

Additional Music Mixer

Anthony Lopes

Casting Director

Holly Sherman

Casting Assistant

Amber Melfi

Casting Assistant

Gisele Joves

Production Coordinator

Lucy Macedo


Will Turner & Chris Warren

Steadicam Operator

Colin McDonnell & Will Turner


Colin McDonnell

1st AC

Evan Halleck

Key Grip

Pete Andelman

Special Effects

Peter Scholz

Sound Mixer


Sound Designer

Anthony Canchola

Sound Re-recording

Anthony Canchola

Makeup Artist & Hair

Armee Jacob

Script Supervisor

Gaelle Harvey

Production Assistant

Kristian Jenkins



Special Thanks

Paul Townsend & Margaret Townsend


Gaelle Harvey & Troy Harvey


Randolf Wollgiehn


Laura Glasgow & Peter Glasgow


Peter Scholz



Filming Locations

Newbury Park, CA


Camarillo, CA


Ventura, CA



Technical Specs

REDCam Epic


Blackmagic 4k





Original Language


Country of Origin

United States

Release Date

January 2016



a Blue Eagle Entertainment film production

2016 Blue Eagle Entertainment