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SPHINX: Genesis
The Beginning

The Movie

SPHINX: Genesis is the fictional story of the new beginning. While the actual storyline of the film is fictional, the entire concept is based on scientific facts and the influence of the Anunnaki Empire on mankind and planet Earth.
The Sphinx is an extraterrestrial character that remained on earth and holds the secret to the creation of matter. Governments have been trying to find this human that holds the key to existence and in SPHINX: Genesis, they find the Sphinx in a 10-year old boy.

What Has Mankind Done

Given the fact that human evolution has been jump started by the Anunnaki Empire and their biological and scientific DNA splicing, it is rather disgusting what mankind made with all this power and knowledge. In most recent events mankind was given the knowledge on how to connect the planet with cellular devices, man was given the knowledge on how to go into space and touch extraterrestrial rocks such as the moon or reach extraterrestrial planets such as Mars, which at some point was just as livable as earth. But what has man done over the last
thousands of years? They controlled and brainwashed each other, segregated one another, created hatred amongst their own, created wars and killed one another while shifting ownership of a piece of earth on this planet. If every human war would end today, and mankind would live in harmony and focus on exploring the universe, we would immediately jump 10,000 years ahead of our time. But unfortunately the 10% cerebral capacity that we are given makes us still very breakable and opens to doors for manipulation.

Religions And Their Influences

People will follow the stories of thick fairy tale books and believe in the unseen, regardless which religion they belong to. Essentially every religion preaches the same story, just changes the names, locations and sometimes the purpose of their character's actions. Mankind is taught or sometimes forced to believe, and will continue to do so until the day an extraterrestrial space ship will actually land on earth. This will be the moment when all human manipulation about its


creation will end, within the matter of seconds. Because if aliens are amongst us and our creators, the Anunnakis, return to Earth, which at some point they will and have left their traces with pyramids and other sights on earth for a reason, all religious fairy tales will go up in smoke and the unseen will no longer matter and the seen will become ultimate. It is suggested that Anunnakis created us in their image, they were never hostile, but they were and are rulers. Anunnakis are way far advanced from the human and as such will always be multiple steps ahead. We are nothing but a little experiment to them, yet we are powerful enough to comprehend their existence and will serve in their image.

The Legacy

The universe and creation does not exist, the only variable that makes life existent is "time". If you film a baseball flying through the air and you loop it, and speed it up so fast you will reach a speed where the ball becomes invisible - and as such never existed. Mankind lives on average under 100 years, while the Anunnakis have left this planet thousands of years ago, it might have just been a brief moment in the universe that they've been gone. Time is the only relevant variable, nothing else besides energy will matter. One person was able to comprehend this in the last century: Albert Einstein. The way he comprehended creation and space, time travel and more is until this day not entirely understandable by mankind's best scientists.

If you take mankind and our achievements, we have failed ourselves and our creators. Instead of advancing on our own we did nothing by destroy each other and create boundaries. We might live in a test phase to where Anunnakis are actually watching us to see how we would evolve with their advancements. Or maybe the Anunnakis just watch and let us destroy one another, because 10% brain capacity might not be enough in order to be a respectable form of life. After all we are primitive, we care to destroy and lead wars, we follow clothing trends or created mass media that supports stupidifying mankind in form of reality shows. We find easy entertainment in primitive acts, and after all we all are slaves to governments, religions and other entities - and we are happy and held in the believe that our purpose in life is to work and be the rat in a turning wheel. But slowly people start thinking outside the box - but it might be too late to alter anything at this point...

The Return Of The Anunnaki

It is undeniable that the Anunnakis will return and everything we are led to believe will change once this occurs. Many modern thinkers believe in what is called 'New Age'. Many saw 12/21/2012 as the day the Anunnakis might return, other calendars or drawings or writings suggest different times. Planet 12 also known as Planet X or named Nibiru will suddenly appear on our solar roster, and once this happens the Anunnakis are not far. This planet is known as a power source to power all the monuments left behind. It would not be a surprise if suddenly the capstones on all pyramids would light up, Stonehenge moves and other monuments left behind suddenly take on a meaning. After all, we are nothing more than an experiment, a primitive life form that has been cloned with advanced DNA. It is no surprise that all unexplainable monuments on earth are perfectly aligned with stars from our solar system and possibly stars from way further. Since mankind has no comprehension on space or time, Nibiru might have always been a neighboring planet but mankind is unable to see it as something might be different and this something we have not been able to unlock - the thing that matters most in creation: TIME.