Investment Relations / Film Production
Project Title: SPHINX
Type: Motion Picture (feature-length)
Proposed filming locations: United Kingdom, France, Northern Africa
Director/Producer: Christian Pichler

Information: The screenplay of "SPHINX" is currently under development. As the production unit of this motion picture, we are interested in serious inquiries only from private investors, film studios, distribution companies, or high gross earners in the UK tax system (when utilizing tax benefits under the EIS). Please fill out the form below and let us know your interest, experience, background and intention about being part on this science-fiction motion picture.
  STORYLINE: 'Sphinx' will follow its prequel 'Sphinx: Genesis'. While the story of 'Sphinx' will be set in today's UK, France and Northern Africa, it will be purely based on the influence of extraterrestrial life as suggested by our ancestry in Mesopotamia 5000 B.C. An action loaded adventurous spectacle about global government conspiracies, unexplained phenomena and their effect in modern society. 'Sphinx' will interlink the feels of 'James Bond' or 'Mission Impossible' meets 'Stargate', 'X-Files' and 'Close Enounters Of The Third Kind' - and as such will be more than the average sci-fi film, but a revealing story surrounding the factual and scientific history of our creation and the existence of all.


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