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I Want To Believe
Are We Alone

Evolution, Mankind And Our History

Mankind is the smartest, rational thinking creature on earth. We use 10% of our cerebral capacity, only the dolphins are smarter than us, using 20% of their brain power. Until this day it is unknown to the 'smart' human why we cannot utilize more of our brain but this little 10% section.
While the majority of mankind believes man evolved from one cell spliced into two and the ripple effect caused the modern man, there is undeniable proof that mankind's 'evolution' had help. Our similarity to the monkey is given, however why do monkey don't have another human today? It is a fact that our human form was created on earth and grew over thousands of years, but there is no scientific nor biological explanation how our brain has developed so tremendously over the past 200,000 years.

The Last 100 Years

Mankind has been around for over 2 million years and has 'evolved' over all this time, but until about 200,000 years ago man has not changed or advanced his brain, and suddenly rationalized thinking kicked in where we created an actual process of thought, comprehension and were able to learn and communicate. We created unexplainable architecture, created justice systems, infrastructure and a modern life out of nowhere. And everything remained the same for the last thousands of years. Even in the late 1800s, people still rode horses and used fire to light the night as they did hundreds and thousands of years before that. And suddenly within the short span of just over 100 years, this mankind of ours
created electricity, found radioactivity, built cars, flew into outta space, stepped foot on the moon, created computers and cellular devices that within a few years were able to connect every single person on this planet with one another. Why did it take so long to reach this point and why did we reach this advanced point so rapidly over just a few years? Did we really develop and discover so much, or was their simply help from extraterrestrial life forms, help that has been there from the very beginning of the modern man...

If we start with it all, we start with the creation of the universe. We call the creation of the universe the "big bang", wherein the temperature of the nothing was so high that the four fundamental forces (electromagnetism, gravitation, weak nuclear interaction, and strong nuclear interaction) were one fundamental force. Traditional big bang cosmology predicts a gravitational singularity before this time, but this theory relies on general relativity and is expected to break down due to quantum effects. Since we are unable to comprehend the size of the universe we are unable to comprehend its actual age, nor could it be possibly calculated with primitive numbers as we use them

Government And Illuminati

From the beginning of modern thinking, man has been imprisoned in a brainwashing system called the government. Whether it was the old Egypt where sungods were hailed, the old Rome where people like Cesar ruled anything and anybody, up to recent historic people such as Napoleon who moved at his own pace, Adolf Hitler who was able to manipulate millions of people to follow him and execute his orders - all the way up to the recent government systems all over the planet.

Governments and the socalled Illuminatis, who are nothing but a ruling entity above official governments and possibly are connected with mankind's extraterrestrial creators, direct this world like a play.

Aside from old-minded governments such as China or Russia, the most manipulating governments in the world remain the new minded entities as they are found in Europe and especially the United States of America. It were western countries that were in the possession of the first nuclear weapon, also western countries that take credit for developing electricity, or cars or most recently the computer and information technologies. It's been the US who tried to dominate any recent wars from World War 2, to the Vietnam War and recently the wars in the Middle East - the question remains why did the US always interfere in disputes other countries had, disputes that had no effect on their homeland and would only cost them money and lives. Western countries and their governments and Illuminati leaders create a make-believe and put their citizens and the majority of the world in a bubble telling them 'We are the good ones, helping people in need' or just create some illogic patriot act to where american or european soil is at stake - but how could it be if the actual enemy is 2000-5000 miles away. The most recent horrible incident in New York City on 9/11/2001 has been credited towards a rather unknown group in the Middle East, headed by one single person. And the US together with other western countries has spent years and trillions of dollars to revenge an attack on 2000 innocent people in a socalled 'free' country. But there are too many conspiracies that surround this incident and those were created by logic thinking people - and the after effect of this horrible yet very small unnoticeable act of terror in the big picture has created a war that accumulated trillions of dollars in revenue for US and other countries, a war that started with hunting the ones supposedly responsible for this attack, but ended nowhere but taking over foreign land with oil and other earthly treasure. Why was this all staged? Or how did western governments jump from revenge to taking over foreign grounds and stealing what's there? It was, is and always will be about power, about gold, oil or other materialistic values that humans tend to believe are worth something.

The creation of the computer or the internet has the sole effect to supervise every single move that every single citizen of earth can make, and people are manipulated into sharing personal information about their thoughts, whereabouts and actions. Information that eventually will work against them. Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms are nothing but sources of information that run themselves and provide the Illuminati and their employed governments with enough information to feel secure and in power. And if anyone should ever come too close to the truth, or is able to comprehend life on a large scale, governments create new tensions amongst its people (based on their religion or color), create a new war (preferably in the Middle East as it seems simple), come up with a new or re-introduce an old disease (Ebola for example) or fill the media with conservative issues (same-sex marriage, etc). In the end man remains man regardless of their faith, color, sexual orientation or background - but society and governments teach us from the very beginning to hate, to see a difference, to segregate in mind or reality - just to have a tool of power over every single one to create tensions and issues and a perfect distraction in times of need.

Extraterrestrial Connection

It is easy to say there are no aliens, because mankind has been brainwashed with religious fairy tales. No tale that has been written has ever had any second of truth to it but is simply an art work based on actual old drawings in the ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt. Faith was taught, initially to create some sort of power over anyone that is open to believe. And anyone who denies the existence of extraterrestrials will surely have an answer on how big the universe is. Where does it start, where does it end, how many planets and stars does it contain, what are black holes and obviously those people will also have an answer on how life, the universe and the creation of matter occurred. Because if you are able to deny the existence of something so obvious as alien forms of life you must certainly understand and comprehend everything beyond. A glass is half full or half empty - regardless I can visually proof that there is some water in a glass. If people deny the existence of aliens then just simply explain and draw the universe and the process of creation of matter on a sheet of paper.

The Creators Are Amongst Us

Media repeatedly denies the existence of aliens, but cannot explain the existence of pyramids, cannot proof evolution either in a scientific or biological way and for the ones that believe so strong in 'aliens', sometimes media feeds some new stories and creates some fake occurrences in order to nurture those who are seeking (Roswell NM 1947 incident, for example). Truth is we are extraterrestrial, to a huge part. All our modern and rationalized being is not from this planet, our primitive cells are. We are part of something bigger, we are matter, we are what everything in the name of creation is. We are no better or worse than an animal, a reptile, an insect, a plant or even earth - everything was created. And just like we were biologically created and later on scientifically altered, so were our creators. Another form of life from a different place in the universe has another older form of evolution - we all come from nothing and we all are energy. And our creators came a long time ago and made us in their image for reasons unknown to us. Some of those creators left, but a huge part was left behind. They live here, amongst us, maybe even next door to us. They look like us, they act like us, the blend in like a powerful rose in a garden of flowers. But they are indeed the key to everything we seek, yet even they have their own lives and try to advance. Life is nothing but experience, a brief moment when energy takes on matter and combined creates a form of life, a form that can be touched and seen. And once man dies it returns back to energy and will be created again once it binds with matter - the neverending cycle of creation.