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Signs Of The Anunnaki Empire On Earth

The Great Pyramids

The probably biggest unexplained phenomena on earth are the Pyramids in Egypt. Given the fact that the ancient Mesopotamia served as the origin of the first rationalized thinking civilization it is not strange that just a short distance away the ancient Egyptians build awkward looking structures with 4 sites and a pointy tip on top.
For the longest time science and history explained pyramids to be the tombs of deceased egyptian leaders. But the more mankind digs into the depth and accuracy of pyramids and their positioning on earth in relation with star constellations, the more we realize that those pyramids might have a different meaning after all. According to old drawings and text in the ancient mythology it is suggested that those pyramids hold crystals from the 12th planet Nibiru. Crystals so strong that they could illuminate the capstone of each pyramid and as such can be seen from space. Their positions align perfectly with star constellations of our galaxy and it is suggested that those pyramids, with illuminated capstones, would serve as a location device, or a socalled intergalactical GPS, for extraterrestrial life to navigate. Why those pyramids were build and why so accurate, is still unknown. Other sources also suggest that pyramids serve as landing platforms or their illuminated capstones create a direct path or gateway to Nibiru or other extraterrestrial destinations; hence it is suggested those pyramids might be some sort of stargates.

The Nazca Desert

Just a short distance outside of Nazca, Peru, mankind has created gigantic figures carved into the earth, created in the middle of the desert. Those figures are so gigantic that they can only be seen from about 10,000 miles in the air. Until this day it is unknown why the indigenous people of Nazca, Peru carved those giant figures into the earth. The figures depict 'a waving figure', 'an orca', 'a dog', 'a spider', 'a condor' and many more. It is unknown why those figures were created to be seen from very high altitudes but it is suggested that those very people were hailing or trying to communicate or signal to 'someone' in the sky.

Machu Picchu

The world famous city in the sky, Machu Picchu, was supposedly created by its indigenous people in the 15th century. The indigenous Inca during that time created this city about 2500 meters in the midst of nowhere in a location that was nearly impossible to reach back then, and hard to reach nowadays. It is suggested that Machu Picchu was or is a religious and sacred location. However, it is unclear, how the ancient Incas were able to build Machu Picchu from sea stone, carry this all the way up 2500 meters through absolute steep wilderness, to build a sacred ground. Machu Picchu was also so precisely built for the 15th century that the actual stone of its buildings seems to have been lasered in order to fit. Many theories extend to the fact that Machu Picchu was some sort of landing platform or had other reasons for extraterrestrial life,  
the Anunnakis. Incas were very religious people and just like the rest of the peruvian people carving giant figures into the desert, they might have hailed or tried to communicate with the exact same forms of life, the Anunnaki Empire.


The world famous british sight has attracted many tourists over the decades but it is still unclear why it was built nor what the reason behind it was. In way too many theories it is suggested that Stonehenge was a spaceport for extraterrestrials. While this might sound farfetched, it is a fact that Stonehenge is a written language of the Anunnaki, when decoded, it means: ‘The truth lies on the outer planets, and I, your Queen Agathon, will tell you the secret when you reach there.’ The archeologists of the old days did get one thing right, that Stonehenge did have a map to the stars. But, it wasn’t any diagram of the constellation, or Zodiac sign, but as the inner circle of Stonehenge suggests, it is Jupiter with its two moons Europa and Titan. There is a relation of these three heavenly bodies to each other, or these three bodies hold a secret to human or live existence on our planet. Whatever the secret of Stonehenge might hold, it definitely has become a riddle to our advanced culture, science and history and just like the pyramids, Machu Picchu or the lines in the Nazca desert suggest, it is part of a greater plan from life forms not from this earth.


There are way more phenomena that we cannot explain other than those are buildings, structures or creations made by man with the help of another force, or created by another force altogether. Nothing can be proven, but we know those phenomena exist and the fact that our advanced thinking and knowledge cannot contribute to a feasible logic explanation suggests that the ancient visitors, the Anunnaki, might have something to do with it.