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The Anunnaki Empire
Mankind's Ancestry

Who Were The Sumerians

The ancient Mesopotamia was dominated by the indigenous Sumerians and Akkadians from the beginning of man written history which dates back to about 3100 BC. Mesopotamia eventually fell around 539 BC when it was conquered by the Achaemenid Empire, later fell to Alexander The Great, then to the Greek and ended up in the hands of the Roman Empire 150 BC. While Babylon is the most famous city in the ancient Mesopotamia, the most secretive region was Sumer located in the south, in todays Iraq. The Sumerians settled roughly 5500 BC in the region and are known as the first civilization that build structured cities, infrastructure and together with other Mesopotamian regions developed a justice system (Hammurabi code). But how did this group we know relatively little about, know so much and became the role model of any logic structure in modern society? And then, we found thousands of drawings in hidden tombs and caves, drawings of creatures coming from the sky, creatures that taught and ruled the Sumerians.... creatures we know nothing about.

The Anunnaki Drawings

The tombs in ancient Sumer show drawings of creatures coming from the sky, creatures that look similar to man. Creatures that, according to drawings dating back 5000 BC, had the ability to resurrect life, prolong life, heal life, ability to fly and move huge objects. The drawings depict that those creatures came from the sky with ships, later on appeared through light gates. Sumerians and other indigenous people hailed those creatures and became a submissive civilization, hailing those from the sky - and so creating the image of a god.

They would do anything to please those creatures but according to the drawings the creatures from the sky enslaved mankind to harvest metal, while teaching them how to think, live and create... but what's was their purpose with our ancestry...

The Story Of The Anunnaki

The old sumerian drawings suggest that the anunnakis came from a distant part of the galaxy. Eventually they settled on a planet nearby, a planet named Nibiru, or what most scientists and astronomers call Planet X. Mankind is unable to see and understand space despite our knowledge and telescopes - so the existence of Nibiru has yet to be proven. However, Nibiru was known to the Sumerians as a passageway between earth and heaven (or the other worlds). The problem with Nibiru was its disappearing atmosphere which made it impossible for terrestrials on this planet to live.

Anunnakis supposedly had a huge part of their civilization on Nibiru which is assumed to be several times the size of earth. In order to fix the disappearing atmosphere gold (the ultimate metal) was needed, which the anunnakis found on earth.

First Encounter And Reasons

Two leading characters in the Anunnaki Empire are described by sumerian drawings as Enki and Enlil, possibly two brothers and the sons of Anu, the supreme Lord of the Sky. Enki found the primitive humans on earth about 200,000 years BC and spent the next 200,000 years creating a clone by splicing the DNA of the anunnakis with the DNA of the female terrestrial. Along the way his brother Enlil appeared with him. While their focus was to build a smart race and use them to harvest gold all around the globe, Enki kept focusing on building the perfect successors of the anunnaki. Enlil's interest however was to use their human clones to harvest the gold, fix Nibiru and destroy what's left. His fear was that mankind might become too powerful and become an enemy at some point. This led up to a war between Enki and Enlil.

Around the same time the Sumerians lived in Mesopotamia, the old Egypt started building massive pyramids. According to drawings all over the middle east those pyramids were direct gates to Nibiru or other spots away from this earth. It was taught that you cannot travel a distance but you travel through curves to distant points of the heavens. Until this day, mankind has not unlocked the secret of pyramids other than calling them tombs for their dead rulers.


The DNA Experiment

The ancient drawings of Sumer suggest that man had dozens of senses, a third eye enabling them to look through different dimensions and other abilities that seem supernatural. When Enki found the primitive human he knew that he had to limit the given subject if he was going to enhance him or her with knowledge. So by splicing the DNA of his species with mankind, essentially the mitochondria DNA link, which is wholly passed through the female line, he took all the sense but left five and took the ability to see the unseen, yet added rational thinking, logic understanding and the ability to learn and comprehend. Mankind has no explanation why it only uses 10% of its actual brain. It is suggested by the Sumerians that 90% of our brain contains abilities that were put in hibernation to limit our abilities of becoming too powerful when combining all senses with rational thinking.

The Illuminati

It is also suggested that Enki favored several of his creations over time. Some creations he intentionally altered with more abilities, some others were just able to unlock their minds and surprised Enki with their abilities. From Tutankhamun to Cleopatra, Cesar or Jesus - people that were able to do things no one else could. In more modern times leaders like Napoleon surprised the entire human history by his power. We never understood how Adolf Hitler was able to move millions of people to execute his partly evil plans - the master of mass brain control. We never understood how Einstein was able to comprehend things that were proven right decades after his death - some are still unproven. How did Bill Gates and his predecessors create the computer platform that connects the entire world these days. Those and many more people were direct creations or descendants of Enki, even more of those creations are not in the spotlight but rule the earth and have done so for hundreds and thousands of years. These days most of the descendants of those favored creations of the anunnaki rule governments, modern media and mass control human beings - those very people are not officially known, but are named 'the illuminati'. It is suggested that some of those illuminatis have a direct contact to the anunnakis, it is also suggested that anunnakis live amongst us - then again, mankind is controlled by media: we know, learn und understand what the government and the media wants us to know, learn and understand.